Friday, January 29, 2010

From the Beginning

I've been buying pork and lamb from Lois and Pavelka Point Farms at the Iowa City farmer's market for several years now, and at some point I realized I could probably save myself a little money if I were able to buy in bulk. Probably a year after figuring this out I finally talked to Lois to see if they sold half/whole pigs, at which point it took me another year to get organized enough to do anything about it. One my of my Christmas presents this year was money toward buying half a pig. After talking to Lois I determined that she did have pigs available, and that they were going to be ready within a month, I decided to go whole hog as they say and buy an entire pig. Upon her recommendation we're having it processed at Edgewood Locker, about 90 miles from Iowa City, but by all accounts worth the drive. There ends the preamble.

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