Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Lazy, just waiting...

I'm not being lazy, I've just got little to blog on until I pick up my pig on Saturday. I believe that puts us at P-4. 4 days until Pig-Day!

I did make a dish for dinner this evening with Edgewood cured Lois-bacon. A simple pasta dish that I was quite happy with. I adapted a recipe in this month's Real Simple for my own devices. I fried about 4 oz of bacon, pulling it out before it got too crunchy (if it's crispy, it's overcooked!) I fried 1/3 cup sage leaves in the bacon fat for 2 minutes, then pulled it out. Then threw about a 1/2 head of cauliflower chopped into small florets into the pan with the bacon grease and a 1/4 cup of water, cooking covered for 3 minutes or so then removing the cover and cooking for another 4 or so until the cooking liquid evaporated and the cauliflower was cooked through and started to brown. Meanwhile I boiled some linguine, reserving 3/4 cup of the boiling liquid. Dumping that in with the pasta, along with a big handful of grated pecorino romano cheese, mixed it in along with the cauliflower, bacon and sage.

A pretty tasty dish. I didn't not have anything to drink with dinner tonight, though I'm currently working my way though a glass of Lopez De Heredia Viña Tondonia Reserva 1998 on day 2, and even though I decanted for 2 hours yesterday before putting it back in the bottle, it was nowhere near as open and rocking as it is right now. I really wish I'd had a bit of this with dinner this evening. The perfumey-violety flavors are really singing right now, rising above the denser-tarry notes. Some of the aged-oxidative (not oxidized) notes are coming through as well. Good stuff.

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